Volunteering & Fostering

A Note from Mayor Marie

Our volunteers and fosters are the heart of Tabby Town. Without them, we’re nothing. We wouldn’t exist. Tabby Town is a close-knit web of wonderful, crazy cat people who give their hearts and homes to homeless cats. They scoop, they feed, they bake, they adopt, they foster, they arrange and rearrange schedules, they laugh and they cry…and they are precious.

Volunteering and fostering for Tabby Town is different for everybody. It is whatever you want it to be. You can spend one hour a week or ten hours a day. You can be part of a committee, you can be a board member, you can make phone calls, make posters, help at rummage sales or help come up with new names for incoming cats. There’s something for everybody at Tabby Town.

Whether you volunteer for a week, a month or a year, you are truly appreciated! Take a peek at our volunteer and foster applications and think about it. You will never be asked to do something that I wouldn’t do…never. And you might just surprise yourself.


child kissing a cat
Young woman enjoying cuddle with her cat
Senior man outside with his cat

Tabby Town USA Wish List

Tabby Town USA is always in need of supplies to keep our cats and kittens happy and healthy. All donations are welcome, but please consider any of the items below.

  • Baby Food (Chicken or Turkey)
  • Black Trash Bags
  • Cat Toys, Scratchers, Cat Furniture
  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • E-Z Up Canopies for Outdoor Events
  • First Class Stamps
  • Hand Sanitizer, Antibacterial Wipes
  • Laundry Detergent, Vinegar, Bleach
  • Sponsors for Advertising ($100/month)
  • Sponsors for Billboards ($1,200 for 3 months)

The Thrifty Kitty

Tabby Town has a booth called The Thrifty Kitty inside of Thrifty Pickin’s in Coon Valley.  We are looking for the following items to be donated (contact us for pickup). Tax receipts available.

  • Wood Furniture, especially Dressers, Tables and Chairs
  • Old Picture Frames
  • Quilts and Fabric
  • Holiday Items
  • Household Decor