What we Feed Tabby Town Cats

Did you know that what you’re feeding your kitty might be killing him? It’s TRUE! Cats are dying too young because of kidney and liver damage caused by the food you’re feeding!

Unfortunately, the more the foods costs, the better it is.

We order food for Tabby Town cats directly from the manufacturer. It’s THE BEST food we’ve found! It’s called Life’s Abundance and it’s only available online or by phone. They use only quality ingreadients, and have never had a recall. You wouldn't eat burned restaurant grease, chicken feathers, bones (by-products) and tons of ground corn every day. Neither should your cats! Please read labels so you know what you're feeding

To order Life’s Abundance, call them at (877) 387-4564 and tell them you’d like to place an order under Tabby Town #20027756. They will ship it right to your door. You can get wholesale pricing if you set up your cat food on autoship, but you can change it at any time. Tabby Town makes a percentage on all food ordered through us!

If you prefer to buy food at Petco, we suggest Natural Balance. We feed Natural Balance mixed with Life’s Abundance to our cats in the condo at Petco. VERY GOOD food!

Cats don’t drink enough water, plain and simple. To counteract that, you should feed your cats canned/wet food at least twice a day. Canned/wet food has water in it. Life’s Abundance and Natural Balance both offer wonderful canned food. However, Tabby Town feeds mainly Fancy Feast canned, because we’re fortunate enough to get it donated by Nestle Purina in Jefferson, WI. You can read more about cat food online. One expert even insists that the worst canned food is better than the best dry food. Feeding canned/wet food is the best way you can prevent urine infections in your kitty!

NOTE: We send home either Life’s Abundance or Natural Balance dry food with every cat who is adopted!